Effect Of Formulating Additives On The Properties Of Ibuprofen Tablets

  • M M Nafady


A study of the comparative effects of different formulating additives and film coating on the properties of ibuprofen tablets was made. The tested properties were hardeness (H), friability (F), the disintegration time (D) and dissolution characteristics of ibuprofen tablets. The hardeness, friability, the hardeness friability ratio (HFR) and the disintegration time were affected by diluent-binder ratio and binder concentration. The ranking for the values of HFR for different coated tablet formulations and commercial tablet formulation )FC) was FVI>FV>FI>FII>FIV>FC>FIII. The ranking for disintegration times D of uncoated tablet formulations were FI>FII>FVI>FV>FIV>FIII and that of coated formulations and commercial formula was FI>FVI>FII>FV>FC>FIV>FIII. The ranking for the dissolution rates of uncoated tablet formulations after one hour were FIV>FV>FIII>FVI>FII>FI whereas those of coated formulations and commercial tablet formulation (FC) were FIV>FC>FV>FVI>FIII>FII>FI. It was found that, Film coating has a remarkable effect on both mechanical strength and drug release from different ibuprofen formulations. The results suggest that hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) could be selected as a binding agent and film coating material. It produces tablets with acceptable mechanical properties and drug release pattern. Formula FIV gave the most acceptable properties and drug release profile compared to other tested formulations. The oral absorption profile of the selected formula (FIV) was studied and compared to that of the commercial tablet formulation (FC). The AUC of FIV was not significantly larger than that of FC. The maximum biological half life (tmax) of FIV was the same as that of FC. Statistical comparison of the biological half-life parameter did not indicate a significant difference between results from FIV tablets and FC tablets. Cmax of FIV was higher than that of FC. The results indicated that the adopted formulation technique gave ibuprofen tablets with acceptable properties. These results were comparable with FC.

Egyptian Journal of Biomedical Sciences Vol. 23 (1) 2007: pp. 60-72

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eISSN: 1110-6379