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Socio-Economic Status and Preferences in Marriage Partner Selection among University Undergraduates in South-South of Nigeria

AE Maliki


Selection the ideal spouse is the most confusing process in the life of most people. This paper sought to examine differences undergraduate’s socio-economic status have on their preferences of marriage partner selection in terms of their personality traits, socio-economic status and physical attractiveness. A total of 1,419 participated in the study. Data was analyzed using, mean, standard deviation, one way analyses of variance and Fisher’s Least Significance Difference. The result revealed that university undergraduates socio-economic status significantly influence preferences in marriage partner’s selection in terms of personality traits, socio-economic status and physical attractiveness. It is recommended among others that undergraduates should not choose marriage partners that are committed to money and pleasure alone but to loving attitude which is the most basic characteristic that every individual should possess. Also that youngster should know their potential marriage partners well enough before they make the final decision, not just looking at the potential marriage partner’s high socio-economic status.

Key Words: Marriage, Economic status, Undergraduates, Socioeconomic Status, Nigeria.

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