Young Women’s Emigration from Borena Woreda (District) to the Arab World and its Impact on Socio-Economic Development of the Area: The Case of Mekane Selam Town

  • G Muhammad


This study focuses on the migration of young Ethiopian women from a place called ‘Mekane Selam’, Borena, South Wollo, to the Arab world, and its influence on the socioeconomic development of the area. The study mainly aimed at giving a comprehensive image of the emigrants` socio-economic aspects that are supposed to have their own impact on Mekane Selam town. Based on descriptive methods including both qualitative and quantitative methods of data collection techniques, various data gathering tools such as observation, interview, and questionnaires were employed. The study involved key informants who were living in the town at the time of data collection. Based on primary and secondary information collected through the various data gathering tools, a number of findings were in place. Some of the major findings of the study unraveled causes and ways of young women emigration to the Arab World; the magnitude of young emigrant women at a family level; ways of young women emigration; challenges facing young emigrant women during and after travel, etc.. Besides, the study also dealt with issues related with the economic significance of young emigrant women to families and the town itself, the impact of young emigrant women on educational development of the area, and issues related with the cultural and religious impact of the young emigrant women. Based on the findings, a number of recommendations are also given to secure the economic welfare of young women in the country at large and in Mekane Selam town in particular; to expand domestic job opportunities; to create awareness on the psychological, social and cultural consequences of migration to the Arab World.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1998-8907