The Influence of E-Learning on the Academic Performance of Mathematics Students in Fundamental Concepts of Algebra Course: The Case in Jimma University

  • KM Tegegne


The expansion and dominance of technology is increasing globally one of which is the influence of e-learning in educational systems. E-learning is any electronic supported learning either with or without infusing the ICT facilities in the current conventional learning methods be it traditional or active learning. The aim of this study is then to evaluate the influence of e learning on the academic performance of year II mathematics students in Jimma University, in basic algebra course (fundamental concept of algebra). This study was a Quasi Experimental design whereby students were categorized into three performance levels (slow learners, average learners, and above average learners) through pre-test so that the two groups, i. e, experimental and control groups, were predetermined to help as a baseline during the analysis. The study revolves around constructvism theoretical learning emphasis on self regulated learning whereby blended e-learning is the analytical framework. The experimental result showed no difference between the conventional and ICT supported learning on student performance with all pros and cones occurred during the experimenting time. Further deep study is therefore recommended avoiding all the factors (as much as possible) that affect the successful implementation of e-learning.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 1998-8907