Perception of University Students Before and After the E-Learning Implementation in One of the Mathematics Courses: The Case of Mathematics Students in Jimma University

  • KM Tegegne


This study concentrates on the survey made to assess the mathematics year II students of JU in the year 2012/13 experience of ICT supported learning going on in the university so far and the change they observed after the e-learning infusion made as a quasi experiment for the purpose to see its influence on their performance. Data were collected through questionnaire and focus group discussion administered before the experiment of e learning and their experience after. The finding of the study showed that students are interested to learn by the support of electronics and requested that they need further training on the knowledge and skill of handling the technology for learning purpose. It indicates that the major challenges encountered are ration of connected computers per student both during the e learning sessions and outside the sessions. It is recommended that the required technology facilities be supplied as far as economic capacity of JU allows. It is also necessary to assign ICT experts for technical support when there is a need. 

Keywords: e-learning, online learning, traditional learning, active learning, conventional learning.


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print ISSN: 1998-8907