Hazardous Waste Management by healthcare Institutions, Addis Ababa: Implementation of laws and regulation

  • F Demissie


A study regarding healthcare institution waste management and practical implementation of laws and regulation was conducted in selected hospitals of Addis Ababa during the period of 2012/13. The entire healthcare system generates non-hazardous and hazardous wastes during healthcare processes. Therefore, this study focuses on assessment of the hazardous waste management of healthcare institutions in Addis Ababa and implementation of laws and regulation. Interview, questionnaire, and observations were employed to collect primary data whereas secondary data were collected from statutory organizations. For the study four hospitals were randomly selected. To analyze the data percentage and narration were used. The finding of the study shows that except Zewditu hospital, the rest use proper management to the hazardous waste. Lack of awareness about health hazards of healthcare waste, inadequate training, absence of waste management and disposal systems, insufficient financial and human resources, low priority given to the topic and lack of aware about legislative act are the most common problems connected with healthcare waste management. Therefore, efforts have to be exerted on creating awareness about internationally ratified conventions, the existing related laws and the regulations of healthcare waste management that are produced in regional and national level.

Key words: Healthcare, Hazardous, Incinerator, Regulations, Awareness, Safety Box


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eISSN: 1998-0507