Urban land use in the city centre of Akure, Nigeria

  • O Oriye
  • AA Fakere


Land is germane to virtually all developmental activities of man. The manner in which it is utilized goes a long way to determine the shape and form of cities. Land is used for several purposes ranging from recreational, commercial, residential, industrial and religious. The combination of these uses depends on their relationship. People tend to misuse land or put it to improper use, for example, it is improper to locate a mechanic workshop very close to a residential area. Town Planning and Urban Development Authorities are vested with the responsibility of controlling and maintaining physical development of the city. They make sure that land developers do not exceed the boundaries established by the Masterplan and building bye-laws. In the restoration of cities, illegal structures will be demolished and as the case may be, compensations will have to be made wherever necessary. This paper utilized controlled observations, interviews and structured questionnaires in the collection of data. It takes a look at the general Land Use patterns in Akure city centre. The city centre for this paper is defined by the area covered by Akure in the year 1966. It further suggested correctional measures that would restore the quality of the city centre where the planning regulations have not been adhered to.

 Key Words: City Centre, Land Use, Pattern, Physical Development


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eISSN: 1998-0507