A review of current techniques of Physico-chemical and biological remediation of heavy metals polluted soil

  • EO Dada
  • KI Njoku
  • AA Osuntoki
  • MO Akinola


Soil plays crucial and strategic life-supporting roles as man and many other living organisms depend directly or indirectly on if for food and shelter. In spite of this fact, the soil is constantly subjected to various forms of abuse, including heavy metals pollution. The ecological destructive effect, high cost, and intensive labour requirement associated with ex situ physico-chemical remediation methods make the search for in situ remediation techniques inevitable. This paper gives an update on the remediation techniques that can be carried out in situ. Included in the review are more recent biological remediation methods, like vermiremediation, which are especially eco-friendly, cost effective, and sustainable. 

Key Words: Bioremediation, bioaccumulation, heavy metals, soil


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1998-0507