Determinants of adoption of biosecurity principles by poultry farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria

  • J.H. Tsado
  • P Fatoki
  • B.O. Ajibola
  • A Abubakar
  • D.N. Tsado


The study assessed the determinant factors influencing the adoption of biosecurity principles by poultry farmers in Kwara State, Nigeria. The major objective was to determine poultry farmer awareness and adoption of various biosecurity principles. A multistage sampling technique was used to select the respondents. Data for the study were collected from 92 respondents, through the use of structured questionnaire and interview schedule. Data were subjected to both descriptive and inferential statistic (Logit regression analysis). The results revealed that majority of the poultry farmers were still within their productive and active age (M=47years), majority were well educated (M=15years) and majority (60 %) reared both broilers and layers.  The study also showed that there was 100% awareness and trial of all the biosecurity principles under consideration The most adopted biosecurity principles with 100% adoption however, were provision of adequate ventilation, removal of dead birds, offering of good quality feed and water, vaccination and provision of proper medication. The result further revealed that respondents with larger number of birds (1.994), access to credit (1.715), frequent contact with extension agents (2.183) and access to training (2.083) had high propensity to adoption of biosecurity activities. The respondents perceived all the biosecurity principles under consideration as effective in preventing looses in their farms. They however, perceived the following constraints as severe constraints: inadequate capital (M=2.96), disease and parasites (M=2.97) and inadequate credit facility (M= 2.74). The study concludes that poultry farmers’ awareness of biosecurity activities was high, with moderate rate of adoption of the activities; they however, perceived biosecurity principles as effective means of preventing diseases infection.

Keywords: Adoption, biosecurity principles, poultry, farmers


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eISSN: 1998-0507