Environmental Attitude as a Mediator of the Relationship between Self-concept, Environmental Self-Efficacy and Responsible Environmental Behaviour among Residents of High Density Areas in Ibadan Metropolis, Nigeria

  • AO Ojedokun
  • S.K Balogun


This study investigated environmental attitude as a mediator in the relationship between self-concept, environmental-self-efficacy and responsible environmental behaviour among residents of high-density areas in Ibadan metropolis. The sample consists of one thousand, three hundred and sixty participants that comprised five hundred and seventy six from Ibadan South East and seven hundred and eighty-four from Ibadan North East Local Government areas selected using a multi-stage sampling technique (purposive, proportional, and simple random). Data collection was through a self-reported questionnaire that measured demographic factors, selfconcept, environmental self-efficacy, environmental attitude and responsible environmental behaviour. Multiple regression statistical analysis is the technique of data analysis. Results indicate that self-concept, environmental self-efficacy, and environmental attitude jointly contribute 18% to variance in responsible environmental behaviour. Independently, self-concept (ß -0.16., t  -4.82., p < .01) and environmental-selfefficacy (ß  -0.11., t  3.08., p < .01) respectively contributed significantly to responsible environmental behaviour. Lastly, environmental attitude (ß  -0.23., t  -8.53., p < .01) significantly mediates the relationship between self-concept, environmental self-efficacy, and responsible environmental behaviour. Discussion focuses on the relevance of environmental attitude in the person-environment transactions. It was recommended that psychologists should design personally relevant environmental attitude change strategies to improve responsible environmental behaviour.

Keywords: Responsible environmental behaviour, Self concept, Environmental self efficacy, Attitude, High density areas, Ibadan metropolis


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eISSN: 1998-0507