Assessing the Effects of Mechanic Activities on Uyo Air Environment

  • FU Ekong
  • GUS Michael
  • US Michael


Prior to the advancement of science and technology, our air was fresh, and wholesome. Expansion in the economic sector one of which is mechanic workshops brought along with it advantages and disadvantages, one of which is air pollution. Activities carried out in these workshops included engine repairs, paneling, open spray painting, vulcanizing, hammering, riving of engines, fabrication of worn-out metal parts, among others. The air environment of these workshops began to be loaded with obnoxious gases such as sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, ozone, hydrocarbons, among others. This study therefore seeks to assess the effect of mechanic activities on Uyo air environment. Twenty-one sample locations were selected for air quality analysis and compared with the control location. Multiple regression analysis showed a strong significant relationship between auto mechanic activities and the present level of pollution in Uyo air environment. The study recommended that all the obnoxious gases should be reduced at source through proper land use zoning to ensure a sustainable air environment in the face of growing climate change.

Keywords: Auto mechanics, Air pollution, Environment, Land use planning, Mechanic village


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1998-0507