Biological evolution: Some genetic considerations

  • MSZ Salem


Background: The concept of biological evolution has long been accepted as a palatable theory aiming at explaining how life began and how creatures diverged so widely along the life span of the earth. Meticulous analysis and criticism of the different postulations of this concept, however, reveals that evolution is an illogic concept based on theoretical hypotheses that can never be tested. Creation, on the other hand, represents the other side of the coin, and up till now debates confronting creation versus evolution are still occupying much interest of atheist as well as of believer biologists.
Aim of this article: The motive for accepting the concept of evolution by most biologists, stems solely from their atheism and their saying that creation can neither be experimented nor validated, the same criticism directed against their assumptions regarding the basic aspects of evolution. This article, through analysis, criticism and reevaluation of some relevant genetic considerations that have long been traditionally considered as observations in support of the concept of evolution, viz. genetic memory and evolutionary variations, genomic adaptations to stress and evolution, comparative genomics and natural versus targeted selection, tries to elucidate and reveal some insensible assumptions embodied within the core ideas of evolution that stand in direct controversy with many well-known facts regarding the structure, function and behavior of living matter.
Conclusion: Natural selection might be observed in nature but not in life. The concept of biological evolution is an illogic and insensible hypothesis since it stands in direct contradiction with our current knowledge regarding the behavior as well as the structural and functional characteristics of the human genome and human proteome. Additionally, almost all basic postulations of this concept can neither be tested nor imitated for experimentation, which is a prerequisite for acceptance and validation of any scientific hypotheses.

Keywords: Evolution; Creation; Natural selection; Creative selection; Biological adaptation; Evolutionary diversity; Biomolecules; Human genome; Human proteome; Phylogenetic divergence


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eISSN: 1110-8630