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The relation between antihistamine medication during early pregnancy & birth defects

Rabah M Shawky
Neveen S Seifeldin


Antihistamines are a group of medications which can inhibit various histaminic actions at one of two histamine receptors (H1 or H2). H1 receptor antagonists are used for the relief of allergic dermatological and nondermatological conditions. We will review classes of antihistamines (H1 antagonists) and the relationship between specific antihistamines and specific birth defects. Although many findings provide reassurance about the relative safety of many antihistamine drugs and that any malformation reported is most probably caused by chance, studies are still required to assure fetal safety. As pruritus is sometimes troublesome for pregnant women topical medications like emollients should be tried first in the first trimester of pregnancy. Also pregnant women should be advised to consult their health care provider before taking any medication.

Keywords: Antihistamine;Birth defects;Congenital malformation;H1 antagonist;Early pregnancy; Dermatological conditions

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eISSN: 1110-8630