Genomics in health and disease

  • RM Shawky
  • SMN El Din


Genomics is the study of all person’s genes including interactions of those genes with each other and person’s environment. Many Factors contribute to human health and disease. Our environment and our biology are two factors that strongly influence our health. For along time, it was believed that disease resulted entirely from our environment or entirely from our biology. Now we are seeing that many human diseases are a result of a complex interaction between our biology and our environment and many other factors. The completion of the Human Genome Project signaled that the genome revolution was here to stay and symbolized its promise that knowing the DNA sequence of our genome and those of hundreds of other organisms would allow us to take on the greatest challenges of human health and alleviate human suffering. The Aim of this review is to discuss the influence of genomics on global health and genetics susceptibility to disease.

Key Words: Genomics, genetics, gene regulation, mutation, genetic testing.


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eISSN: 1110-8630