Egyptian Journal of Medical Human Genetics

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Insight into Nek2A activity regulation and its pharmacological prospects

A Kumar, V Rajendran, R Sethumadhavan, R Purohit


Nek2A is an essential component of cell cycle progression. It regulates the reorganization of the microtubule network at the G2/M transition and controls the centriole–centriole linkage of the cells entering mitosis. The overexpression of Nek2A coding gene has been widely reported in several cancer-associated disorders. In order to design a potent inhibitor and to control its expression mechanism, it is important to understand the structural orientation and the underlying molecular mechanisms associated with its activity regulation. In this study we have summarized the important information that will help in understanding the functional and activity regulation of Nek2A splice variants, which will further facilitate in designing a potent inhibitor against the cancer associated cases. We have also presented previously reported studies on the domain specifications and inhibitor biosynthesis that provide an insight into its specific target residue regions for developing active and more potent inhibitors.

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