Assessment of DNA damage by panmasala, gutkha chewing and smoking in buccal epithelial cells using alkaline single cell gel electrophoresis (SCGE)

  • S Jyoti
  • S Khan
  • F Naz
  • F Ali
  • YH Siddique


In the present study the comet assay was performed in buccal epithelial cells to evaluate DNA damage among pan masala or gutkha chewers and smokers. The assay is a rapid, suitable and sensitive method for detecting various forms of DNA damage at individual cell level. The study comprises 300 individuals of which 50 individuals were gutkha chewers along with smoking, 50 individuals were pan masala chewers along with smoking, 50 individuals were gutkha chewers, 50 individuals were pan masala chewers, 50 individuals were smokers and 50 individuals were non-users (control) or not having any addiction. Comet tail length was observed to measure the extent of DNA damage. In all groups a significant increase in the tail length was observed as compared to the non-users (control). The highest tail length was observed among gutkha chewers along with smoking (36.9 ± 3.60). The results of the present study suggest that the panmasala and gutkha are genotoxic agents and induce DNA damage.

Keywords: Comet assay; DNA damage; Gutkha; Pan masala; Buccal epithelial cells


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1110-8630