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Case Report: Corneal Pyogenic Granuloma: Rare Complication of Infectious Keratitis

A Abateneh, S Bekele


Background: Pyogenic granuloma is an excessive proliferation of granulation tissue that usually develops after minor trauma or surgery. Ocular involvement usually happens on the external surface and cornea is rarely involved. The objective of our report is to describe the clinicopathological feature of this rare disease and give insight on clinical features that help in the diagnosis.
Case Report: This report presents a case of a four year old child who had fleshy growth of one week duration on the right eye after seven weeks of pain and redness. Slit lamp examination showed vascularized central corneal mass with surrounding stromal infiltrates. The mass was excised, and histopathological examination confirmed pyogenic granuloma of the cornea.
Conclusion: Corneal pyogenic granuloma could be a rare complication of infectious keratitis. Therefore, it should be considered as a differential diagnosis in corneal mass especially after an infection or trauma.

Keywords: Pyogenic Granuloma, Corneal pyogenic granuloma, Keratitis, Post-infectious granuloma
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