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No Hypertensive Disorder of Pregnancy; No Preeclampsia-eclampsia; No Gestational Hypertension; No Hellp Syndrome. Vascular Disorder of Pregnancy Speaks for All

Yifru Berhan


Hypertensive disorders complicate 5%-10% of pregnancies with increasing incidence mainly due to upward trends in obesity globally. In the last century, several terminologies have been introduced to describe the spectrum of this disease. The current and widely used classification of hypertensive pregnancy disorders was introduced in 1972 and in 1982, but has not been free of controversy and confusion. Unlike other diseases, the existing terminology combines signs and symptoms, but does not describe the underlying pathology of the disease itself. In this commentary, a detailed account is given to vascular disorder of pregnancy (VDP) as an inclusive terminology taking into account the underlying pathology of the disease on affected organs and systems. A simple and uniform classification scheme for VDP is proposed.

Keywords: Gestational hypertension, HELLP syndrome, Hypertensive disorder of pregnancy, Preeclampsia-eclampsia, Vascular disorder of pregnancy