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Combination of encephalo-myo-pial-synangiosis and encephalo-arterio-pial-synangiosis procedure in pediatric moya-moya disease

Prastiya Gunawan
Wihasto Suryaningtyas
Darto Saharso
Risky Prasetyo


Background: Moya-moya disease in children is a cerebrovascular disorder that may cause cerebral ischemic or hemorrhage.

Case Details: We report an 8-year-old boy that was admitted with the chief complaint of repeated sudden half left body paralyze. MRA showed acute thrombotic infarction in the right hemisphere and internal carotid artery stenosis in the form of puffs of smokes. Indirect revascularization surgical procedure with combination of Encephalo-myo-pial-synangiosis (EMS) and Encephalo-arterio-pial-synangiosis (EAS) was performed. It resulted in a good response.

Conclusion: Moya-moya disease can lead to permanent neurological disability if untreated. Satisfactory outcome was noted following combination surgery management with EMS and EAS.

Keywords: Moya-moya disease, Encephalo-myo-pial-synangiosis, Encephalo-arterio-pial-synangiosis, children

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