A Retrospective Analysis of Clinical and Pathologic Characteristics of Recurrent Bladder Tumor in a Tertiary Hospital in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Andualem Beyene
Keywords: Bladder Tumor, Recurrence, Clinical Character, Pathologic character


BACKGROUND፡ Previous recurrences, tumor category (Ta, T1), the presence of CIS with superficial bladder tumors, the number of tumors, tumor size and multiplicity are predictors of bladder tumor recurrence. Recurrence is better predicted by multiplicity, size and previous recurrence.
METHODS: This is retrospective descriptive study. All patients with urinary bladder tumor admitted to TASH from January 1st, 2018 to December 31st, 2019 is the study population. Information was retrieved using structured questionnaire.
RESULTS: Most of the recurrent tumors 55 (76.4%) had huge size and were multiple 62 (86.1%) in the primary presentation. Most recurrent tumors 47 (65.3%) are low grade bladder tumors. About 17 (23.6%) were high grade tumor in their primary presentation. European studies showed size and multiplicity increase risk of recurrence. However, our patients have late presentations which probably made the proportion of recurrence higher.
CONCLUSION: Most of the recurrent bladder tumors have huge size and multiple in number at their initial presentation. All histological variants of Urothelial carcinomas recur.


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