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Estimation of Stature from Arm Span, Arm Length and Tibial Length among Adolescents of Aged 15-18 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Abay Mulu
Bereket Sisay


BACKGROUND፡ Knowing the relationship between stature and different anatomical anthropometric parameters help forensic scientists, anatomists and clinicians to estimate standing height from mutilated remains of body parts in clinical practices and forensic investigations. It is a necessity when measuring height is unenviable due to certain medical conditions and in field studies. This study aims to estimate stature from arm span, arm length and tibial length among adolescents of age 15-18 in Ethiopia.
METHODS: A school based cross-sectional study was carried out among 416 high school students in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from May to June 2019. Stratified multi-stage sampling techniques were used to select the study participants. Anthropometric measurement including weight, height, arm span, arm length and tibial length was measured. Data entry was done by Epi-Data a version and data analysis was carried out by Statistical Package for Social Sciences version 23. Regression models and multiplication factors were generated for estimation of height from anthropometric parameters.
RESULT: From total participants 51.4% were females and 48.6% were males. The mean height of study participants was 164.36±8.89cm for males and 155.75±5.86cm for females. The correlation coefficients(R) of anatomical anthropometric measurements with height were: arm span (males R=0.843,
females R=0.708), arm length (males R=0.806, females R=0.635), and tibial length (males R=0.738, females R=0.611).
CONCLUSION: Stature predicted from arm span, arm length, and tibial length is a valid indicator of height. Arm span was appeared to be the best predictor of stature.