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Knowledge, attitude, and practice of pediatric residents towards oral health of children in Addis Ababa: A cross-sectional study

Endalamaw Asnake
Damte Shimelis


Background: The state of good oral health in children is mainly contributed by the knowledge, practice and attitude of front-line health  workers like general practitioners, family physicians, postgraduate pediatric residents, and pediatricians. Assessing the knowledge,  practice, and attitude of residents would give directions for further quality improvement projects. This study aimed to assess the  knowledge, attitude and practice of pediatric residents on oral health in children in 3 public post-graduate teaching institutions in Addis  Ababa, Ethiopia.

Methods: Hospital-based cross-sectional study was conducted among 169 pediatric residents from 3 public postgraduate teaching  institutions of Addis Ababa from June 1-August 30. 2022. The knowledge, Attitude and practice of residents were assessed by a structured  questionnaire adapted from an extensive literature survey. Then the data was analyzed using SPSS version 25 software package.  Descriptive summary statistics such as frequency and proportion were applied and finally, the results were presented using tables and  figures.

Results: In this study, 169 residents were involved. Males were 106 (62.7%) and the remaining were females. Only 18 (10.7%) of  participating residents had good knowledge but 43 (25.4 %) and 108 (70.2%) had moderate and poor knowledge of oral health in children  respectively. Most 164 (97%) had a good attitude towards oral health, but 19 (11.2%), 86 (50.,9%), and 64 (37.9%) had good, moderate, and  poor practice respectively.

Conclusion: The majority of pediatric residents in Addis Ababa had good attitude toward oral health but moderate practice and poor  knowledge about oral health in children. Residents should be trained to improve their knowledge and practice toward oral health.  

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