Design and Fabrication of an Automated Low-Cost Non-Contact Temperature Scanner and Sanitizer for Covid-19 Prevention

  • Olaitan Akinsanmi
  • Abiodun E. Amoran
  • Ayodele S. Oluwole
  • P.C. Igwe
  • P. Adejuwon


The rate at which the novel virus Covid-19 spread across the world in an alarming rate with high rate of death of the infected persons is quite disturbing, hence the need to checkmate its spread by quickly identifying persons with the symptoms of this viral infection. This paper discusses the development of an automated low-cost non-contact temperature scanner and sanitizer. The system automatically detects a human being, scans for temperature, and sanitizes the person with no interference required. The circuit for the system comprises an Arduino microcontroller, LCD display, relays, ultrasonic sensors, temperature sensor, 12v DC pump motion sensor and a high pressure 12v DC pump. The temperature sensor (MLX90614) senses the temperature, certifies that the value is within the specified range as controlled by its ultrasonic sensor and displays the temperature on the LCD. Thereafter, an ultrasonic sensor activates the 12V DC pump to dispense the sanitizer. At the disinfectant chamber, the motion sensor will trigger the high-pressured DC pump when it senses movement, it dispenses the body sanitizer through the nozzles. C++ was used to program the Arduino in Arduino user interface. The entire process takes 60seconds and it helps to maintain personal preventive measures as well as detecting a possible symptomatic person as fever with high temperature which is one of the major symptoms of Covid-19. The device has been tested and works effectively, and it will be very useful for any organization with one or more buildings. It can be positioned at the entrance of buildings to sanitize and scan all staff and visitors against Covid-19.


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eISSN: 2579-0617
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