Global Approaches to Extension Practice: A Journal of Agricultural Extension

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A Rustic Approach To Encouraging Rapid Agricultural Production In Nigeria

AO Angba, OM Adesope


The problem of food security in our society cannot be disputed. Nigerians are not producing enough food hence we cannot say that the three basic needs of life- food, clothing and shelter have been satisfied. This paper therefore examines as rustic approach to encouraging rapid agricultural production in Nigeria. In this approach, every family or household should posses a farmland on which crops and animals will be farmed. They should maintain and utilize the lands. Agricultural experts should be actively involved. But decision –making should weigh more on the side of the households than the side of government/non-government organizations. There is every need to create awareness and interest by way of assistance and encouragement. Schools, Churches, Mosques should be at the forefront in showing example.

Key words:  rustic approach, agricultural production

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