Effects of fish pond establishment on social conditions of farmers in Ardal county, Chaharmahal Bakhtiary: Iran

  • A Asadi
  • K Kalantari
  • M Rahimian
  • A Ansari
  • Y Mohammadi
  • A Torfi
Keywords: fish farming, social effects, life quality improvement, Ardal County.


The purpose of this research was examining the effects of fish ponds establishment of Ardal County in Chaharmahal Bakhtiary province. Population of the study consisted of 171 fish farming units. By Using Cochran formula, 75 units were selected as sample size with random sampling research method. Data were collected through a questionnaire, which its reliability was confirmed by Cronbach alpha coefficient that was above 73%. Also the validity of the questionnaire was confirmed by Opinions of fishery department Experts at Tehran University and the experts of fishery organization in Chaharmahal Bakhtiary province and finally the data were analyzed using SPSS software. The results showed that all of farmers were men and the majorities were illiterate. Priority determination results also showed that the increasing of the training courses in field of Fish farming and participation of farmers in these courses were considered as the most important effects. According to factor analysis results, social effects were categorized in four groups (Four Improvement) respectively their importance consisted of "life quality improvement", "culture improvement and migration decrease", "welfare improvement and social security" and "awareness increase and farmers participation improvement" that the life quality improvement was recognized as the most important social effect of fish ponds establishment. Therefore it is recommended that in high potentially regions in Water resources in Chaharmahal province increase the fish pond establishment because there are benefits more than agronomy or horticulture in this province.

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eISSN: 0794-1005