Promoting Women Participation in Aquaculture as a Viable Tool for Poverty Alleviation in the Rural Areas of Nigeria

  • PT Cliffe
  • OA Akinrotimi
  • IF Ibemere
Keywords: Women, aquaculture, poverty, fish, rural areas


Women in the rural communities are often neglected and relegated in the economic activities dominated by their male counterpart in these areas. And for the society to make appreciable progress, women contributions especially in agricultural sector must be recognized, and promoted. This paper therefore review the potential of aquaculture in reducing poverty by enhancing food security and as a source of income, also the paper focus on the roles of women in aquaculture, factors limiting their participation in fish farming and the strategies for promoting women participation in aquaculture as a veritable tool for alleviating poverty in the rural communities were clearly elucidated. The need to promote women participation in fish farming activities is urgent and crucial, there is the need therefore to create this awareness in various communities in the rural parts of the country as this will ultimately results in economic empowerment of the women folk, thereby reducing the incidence of poverty in the rural areas.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0794-1005