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Effect of compactive effort on strength indices of laterite treated with calcium carbide waste

M Joel, LJ Joseph


The effect of British Standard Light (BSL), West African Standard (WAS) and British standard Heavy (BSH) compactive efforts on the strength indices oflaterite treated with 2, 4, 6 and 8 % calcium carbide waste (CCW) was studied. Atterberg’s limits test, compaction test, California bearing ratio (CBR) andunconfined compressive strength (UCS) tests were performed on laterite treated with CCW. Unconfined compressive strength and California bearing ratio values of Ikpayongo laterite used as strength indices increased with higher compactive effort and CCW content. CBR value of the natural laterite increased from 10 %, 17 % and 18 % to peak values of 23.0 % 47 % and 50 % respectively, when treated with 8 % CCW, using BSL, WAS and BSH compactive effort respectively. 7 day UCS values of the natural laterite using BSL, WAS and BSH compactive efforts increased from 397, 620 and 640 kN/m2 to peak values of 1450, 1456 and 1457kN/m2, respectively, when treated with 8 % CCW. Results of tests showed that compactive effort have effect on strength indices of laterite treated with CCW. The WAS compactive effort was recommended for use as the most economic compactive effort in the treatment of laterite with CCW for use in road work. Outcome of the study will provide a useful guide in the use of CCW for road work.

Keywords: compactive effort, strength indices, calcium carbide waste
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