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Women Becoming Bosses: Changing Gender Roles and Decision Making in Dangme West District of Ghana

C Wrigley-Asante


Using both quantitative and qualitative data from the Dangme West district of Ghana, this study shows how the changing socio-economic status of women, as a result of governmental and non-governmental interventions, has influenced women to economically contribute more in their homes, become less vulnerable and subsequently improve their decision-making roles. The study also revealed that other factors such as unemployment and out-migration of men are creating more space for women to assume 'headship' positions and act as major decision-makers in the home. This 'new' gender role and position of women is, however, creating gender antagonism at the household level. The study recommends that NGOs and government agencies must strategically tackle the complexities of decisionmaking and bmgaining power in interpersonal relationships. Moreover, sensitive issues concerning sexual behaviour must be addressed as the first step towards any intervention. 

Key words: Ghana, Dangme West, decision making, gender, gender roles