Leaback of Pulsatile Flow of Particle Fluid Suspension Model of Blood Under Periodic Body Acceleration

  • R.O. Ayeni
  • E.O. Oghre
  • S.O. Ajadi
  • S.O. Ajadi


We considered a two-phase model flow of blood subject to both pulsative pressure gradient due to normal heart action and a periodic body acceleration. The leakback of flow due to the fact that the velocity of the red cell is greater than the mean velocity is derived using the method of characteristics. The variation in body acceleration amplitude though affects the velocity profile in the capillary tubes, it has no effect on the leakback in the tubes. Leakback is mainly determined by the balance of the viscous drag and the driving force of the applied pressure gradient. Key words: Leakback, Pulsatile Flow, Fluid Suspension, Periodic Acceleration, Viscous Drag.

(Global Journal of Mathematical Sciences: 2002 1 (1&2): 13-16)

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R.O. Ayeni

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eISSN: 1596-6208