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The prevalence of HIV infection among cannabis-abused psychiatric patients: the case of federal psychiatric hospital, Calabar

NC Osuchukwu
EC Osuchukwu
TI Ibe


This study investigated the prevalence of HIV infections among Cannabis-Abused patients in Federal Psychiatric Hospital, Calabar. Three hypothesis were formulated to give direction to this investigation. The design adopted for this study was ex-post facto. Population of this study consisted of 334 patients admitted into the Federal Psychiatric Hospital Calabar from 2002 to 2006 as a result of cannabis-induced psychosis, out of which 169 were selected as sample using purposive random sampling technique. Data collection were carried out using a structured questionnaire called “Prevalence of HIV infection and Cannabis-Abused Questionnaire” (P.H.I.C.Q.), while data obtained were subjected to statistical analysis using contingency chi-square (X2) technique. Results of the analysis indicated that there is a significant influence of cannabis use on mental health of psychiatric patients; there is a significant influence of knowledge of HIV/AIDS on sexual behaviour of psychiatric patients and there is a significant influence of HIV/AIDS infection on aversive behaviour of psychiatric patients. This calls for a concerted effort on the management of the hospital to mobilize staff members to embark on awareness campaign on the dangers of cannabis use and HIV/AIDS infection as well close monitoring of the activities of the patients.

KEY WORDS: HIV Infection, Cannabis sativa, psychiatric patients.