Physicochemical characteristics of marine water at jetty points along Ikorodu-Lagos Island, Lagos State, South-West Nigeria

  • A.T. Aina
Keywords: Jetty, WHO/FMnev standard, water quality


Marine water is a vital component to the development of Nigerian economy. Human activities at jetties have potential impact on marine water quality in the study area. The present study investigated the Physicochemical characteristics of marine water at nine jetties along Ikorodu-Lagos Island, Lagos state, South-West Nigeria. Water samples were collected and analysed for Temperature, pH, Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids(TDS), Colour, Dissolved Oxygen(DO), Biochemical Oxygen Demand(BOD), Nitrate, Cyanuric acid, Chromium, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Sulphate and Phosphate. Results showed the range of each of the parameters tested as: Temperature 20.10 to 22.90ºC, pH 6.66 to 7.34, Conductivity 196 to 5646 μhoS/cm, Total Dissolved Solids(TDS) 125 to 699mg/l, Colour 15 to 98PtCo, Dissolved Oxygen(DO) 6.62 to 8.46mg/l, Biochemical Oxygen Demand(BOD) 98 to 214mg/l, Nitrate 0.00 to 5.2mg/l., Cyanuric acid 0.00 to 5.2mg/l, Chromium 0.00 to 0.12mg/l, Copper 0.29 to 1.17mg/l, Iron 0.22 to 1.10mg/l, Manganese 0.01 to0.79mg/l, Sulphate 20.00 to 65.00mg/l and Phosphate 0.08 to 1.86mg/l. The values of most of the parameters studied were within the acceptable limits specified by WHO/FMnev standards. However, BOD values were beyond limits which could be indicative of direct waste disposal into the water at the jetties.

Keywords: Jetty, WHO/FMnev standard, water quality


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