Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences

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A probable pathway in the degradation of 2-methoxyethanol by Pseudomonas species strain vb

Ekhaise Frederick Osaro, HSA Aluyi


A novel bacterium, Pseudomonas species strain VB, able to degrade 2-methoxyethanol was isolated from anaerobic sewage sludge. The bacterium utilizes 2-methoxyethanol as sole source of carbon and energy. In a time course experiment Pseudomonas sp. strain VB was grown in 2-methoxyethanol, ethylene glycol, glycollate, glyoxylate, oxalate and methanol. Strain VB was able to utilize all proposed intermediates except methanol. Comparable growth characteristics of Pseudomonas sp. strain VB grown in 2-methoxyethanol and proposed intermediates showed significant molar growth yields. These results indicate that ethylene glycol, glycollate, glyoxylate and oxalate might be intermediates in the degradation pathway of 2-methoxyethanol. Thus a reaction sequence: 2-methoxyethanol - ethylene glycol - glycollate - glyoxylate - oxalate is been proposed in this study.

KEY WORDS: Degradation, 2-methoxyethanol, Pseudomonas species strain VB, metabolic pathway.

Global Jnl Pure & Applied Sciences Vol.10(2) 2004: 239-242
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