The electrocardiogram in healthy Nigerians resident in Lagos State

  • DBU Edemeka Department Of Physiology, College Of Health Sciences University Of Uyo, Uyo, Nigeria
Keywords: Electrocardiogram, T-wave inversion, S-T segment elevation, Axis deviation Nigerians


The normal electrocardiograms of 520 healthy Nigerians age 15-49 years resident in Lagos were analysed. Normative values and frequency pattern of normal variants of the ECG of Caucasians and South African Bantu were compared to the Nigerian data. The results show significantly higher QRS voltages in Nigerians than in Caucasians (R- wave amplitude 10.87 ± 4.32: 1-29mm in males and 9.24 ± 3.84: range 1-20mm in females for Nigerians. 6.23 ± 2.20: range 0-15mm in males and 4.22 ± 2.52: range 0-10mm in females for Caucasians). The QRS voltages of Nigerians were similar to those of South African Bantu.

The QRS interval value was similar to those previously reported by other authors for Caucasians. Difference in this interval was statistically significant between sexes. S-T segment elevation and T-wave inversion were very common in Nigerian subjects. Another racial difference noted was the extent of T-wave inversion. While T-wave inversion beyond lead V1 is rare in adult Caucasians, in Nigerian subjects it may reach up to V3 regardless of age. The results show that right and left axes deviations are rare in normal Nigerian population.

KEY WORDS: Electrocardiogram, T-wave inversion, S-T segment elevation, Axis deviation Nigerians.

Global Jnl of Pure and Applied Sciences Vol.10(4) 2004: 567-570

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