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Biomass loss as an index of pollution in various gradient of a crude oil polluted terrestrial environment

NL Edwin-Wosu
PDS Kinako


Bauhinia monandra is an agroforestry species in the FABACEAE plant family, an exotic species from Burma, easily available and accessible for ornamental and agro-forestry purposes, and more so abundantly distributed in tropical countries including oil producing areas in Nigeria. Its sensitivity to crude oil pollution has been evaluated under controlled condition. At the various levels of pollution B. monandra was very susceptible to the crude oil pollution. The magnitude of the impact for aerial biomass in the light medium & heavy intensities show a reduction of about 92%, 93% & 94%, respectively. 98.1%, 98.3% and 99.1% were recorded for underground biomass loss, respectively, while 95.0% 95.1% and 96.4% for total biomass were recorded, respectively, after the period of growth. With its susceptibility at a very low intensity, B. monandra could be a bioindicator for oil pollution in terrestrial environment.

KEY WORDS: Bauhinia monandra, crude oil, biomass, terrestrial environment, ecotoxicity.

Global Jnl of Pure and Applied Sciences Vol.10(4) 2004: 623-625