Histological Studies Of The Pancreas Of Wistar Rats Following Administration Of Nicotiana tabacum (SNUFF)

  • ME Eluwa
  • NO Ifegwu
  • TB Ekanem
  • AO Akpantah
Keywords: <i>Nicotiana tabacum</i>, histology, pancreas, wistar rats


This study was to find the probable effect of Nicotiana tabacum (snuff) on the histological features of the pancreas of adult wistar rats. Nicotiana tabacum is a product of smokeless tobacco which contains many toxins and high levels of nicotine. Twenty male wistar rats weighing 200-210g were used for this study. The control group received distilled water, while the experimental groups received 0.4mg/ml to 0.8mg/ml of snuff solution respectively for 6 weeks, orally with the aid of orogastric tube. Behavioral changes observed includes; polydipsia, polyuria, rapid discharge of faecal droppings, tremor, restlessness, and hyperpnoea. These observations were more intense the in group of animals that received 0.80mg/ml of snuff solution. Histological changes showed degeneration, vacuolation and necrosis of pancreatic acinar cells, hyperplasia of islet of Langerhans in the group that received 0.8mg/ml of snuff. These changes may be attributed to one or more constituents of snuff such as nicotine which has cytotoxic activity.

Keywords: Nicotiana tabacum, histology, pancreas, wistar rats

Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences Vol. 14 (3) 2008: pp. 339-342

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eISSN: 1118-0579