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Compartmental Model For Uptake Of 137cs By Pine In Forest Soil

GH Ben-Bolie
AP Owono
FH Ekobena
CR Abega


A compartmental model of soil to pine tree transfer of 137Cs following the Chernobyl nuclear accident is presented. The model was validated using data collected in 1996 at five sites in Northern Ukraine. The transfer constants of 137Cs between model compartments are estimated using a semi-empirical method. The concentration ratios obtained show similar observed and predicted results at Ditiatki and Pripiat 1 & 2, while predicted values were not close to observed values at Kopachi and Pripiat 3 sites. The division of the trunk and the bark into three parts is shown to be useful and the branches, needles and bark are demonstrated to be reservoir compartments.

Keywords: forest, 137Cs transfer, compartmental model, pine.

Global Journal or Pure and Applied Sciences Vol. 14 (4) 2008: pp. 450-458