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Measurements And Analyses Of Key Performance Indices Of Telephone Traffic In Kaduna And Kano Metropolises

MO Itam
AI Menkiti
MU Onuu
DE Bassey
RC Okoro


Measurements of key performance evaluation indices of telephone networks such as answer bid ratios, answer seizure ratios, call completion ratios, bids per circuit per hour, seizures per circuit per hour, per cent over flow, mean holding time per seizure and traffic carried in Erlang were made in Kaduna and Kano metropolises at determined peak hour periods. Their results show that there is poor quality of service as depicted from the low values of answer bid ratios, answer seizure ratios, call completion ratios and that challenges exist in service diversification, congestion, handoff, blocking and disparity in interconnection rates. This research work has also shown that although Nigeria has witnessed spectacular growth in the mobile telecommunications environment rising from one of the lowest mobile telephone markets to one of the fastest in the world, there is inadequate number of telecommunication operators and lack of sufficient transmission bandwidth and backbone infrastructure.

Keywords: Key, performance, indices and telephone traffic, bids, traffic

Global Journal or Pure and Applied Sciences Vol. 14 (4) 2008: pp. 467-472