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Isolation and characterization of microorganisms of Ejamah-Ebubu oil spill site

O.N. Akomah, G.O. Abu


The study was designed to evaluate the bacterial diversity of crude oil contaminated site. Sediments samples collected at different georeferenced sampling point; Nwata A, Nwata B, Nwata 3,  Ochani and Eyeyaro in Ejamah-Ebubu were analyzed for  microbiological and biochemical qualities using the basic  biological method. Our results show that the total aerobic heterotrophic bacteria (HUB) of the five sampling points range from 1.0x105 - 1.7x106cfu/g. Total aerobic hydrocarbon utilizing bacteria (HUB) range from 1.0x10 4- 7.2x105cfu/g while sulphate reducing bacteria (SRB) ranged between 2.2x104-1.6x105 cell/ml. Careful phenotypic and biochemical test revealed twenty oil degrader belonging to five genera; Bacilus, Citrobacter,  Micrococcus, Enterobacter and Pseudomonas. The frequency of
occurrence of the microbial isolate revealed Bacillus (40%), Citrobacter, (25%) Pseudomonas (15%), Enterobacter and Micrococcus (10%). This study indicates that the contaminated sediment samples contain a diverse population of oil degrading bacteria and the use of sediment-associated microorganism has the potential for bioremediation of crude oil contaminated sites.

Keywords: Georeferenced, crude oil, diversity, Bacillus, sulphate reducing bacteria
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