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Proximate analysis and sensory evaluation of freshly produced apple fruit juice stored at different temperatures and treated with natural and artificial preservatives

Ekanem Jonathan Okokon, Ekanem Otobong Okokon


The Proximate composition, Vitamin C and the organoleptic properties of freshly produced apple juice were investigated. The proximate analysis of the test fruit revealed it to be a poor source of protein (0.05%) but with a high moisture content (87.73%). The results showed low concentrations of ash (0.30%), lipid (0.13%) and fibre (1.21%). The juice was a good source of vitamin C (22.15mg/100).

Organoleptic parameters like colour, flavour, and taste of the apple juice with the various preservatives (garlic, ginger and sodium benzoate) were acceptable throughout the 8 days storage periodat refrigerating temperature (4oC) except for juice stored at room temperature(23oC) which showed deterioration in taste, flavour and overall acceptance after the 3rd day of storage. There was variation in color and flavor in prepared juice with the three different preservatives and shows that variation in temperature has great effect on storage quality of food products.

Keywords: Preservatives, Proximate, Apple Juice, Storage, Organoleptic
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