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Information And Communication Technology (Ict), Globalization And Inpeneding Challenges

John Paul Enebeli


This paper presents an attempt to examine the place of ICT and Globalization in the world economic activities but did not fail to note, list, and draw attention to the doom being perpetrated by this modern change. Apart from the discussion of some relevant and touchy topics in ICT and Globalization, the paper contains an examination of the concept of ICT, the role of ICT in the economies of the world and ending up in globalization of the entire human race. ICT and Globalization will lead to the risks that many of our valuable information will be lost, stolen, corrupted, or misused. Through the interconnected systems it has become so easy for people to penetrate into others privacy and such unpermitted access could cause harm and loss of computers and files. The gains and losses of ICT and globalization which ought to cancel each other out are in some cases insurmountable, putting nations at advantage over others.




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