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Antibacterial activity and medicinal properties of ginger (<i>Zingiber officinale</i>)

S.P Malu
G.O Obochi
E.N Tawo
B.E Nyong


The antibacterial activity and medicinal properties of ginger extracts were studied. Ginger extracts were obtained using solvents, n-hexane, ethyl acetate, ethanolic soxhlet and water. The extracts were assayed for antibacterial activity and bacterial growth inhibition activity. The results showed that all the extracts except the water extract have antibacterial activity and that the inhibition of bacterial growth was dose dependent. The results also
showed that ginger extracts possesses antibacterial properties and could be used for the treatment of bacterial infections.

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eISSN: 2992-4464
print ISSN: 1118-0579