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Statistical investigation of the impact of timing of marriage on marital stability of female Nigerians

D.B Adekanmbi
E.I Enang
K.O Obisesan
O.R Oniyide


This study is a cross-cultural investigation of the impact of Nigerian women’s timing of marriage on their marital stability. Gross nuptiality tables and multiple decrement nuptiality tables are constructed based on census data, to examine the regional variations in the nuptiality patterns of Nigerian women across the six geo-political zones in the country. Methodological aspects of the model used in constructing the multiple decrement nuptiality was based on the assumption that re-entrants into marital union is not allowed. The results indicate that girl-child marriage and later-marriage increase the risk of marital dissolution. Various recommendations for policy interventions aimed at improving the marital stability of Nigerian women are stated.

KEYWORDS: Marital disruption, Gross nuptiality table, Multiple decrement table, Girl-child marriage, Nuptiality pattern.