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The microbiological quality and some physical parameters of different water used at a municipal abattoir in Nigeria

O.O Adebowale
O.A Akinkuotu
O.O Kehinde
E.O Ojo
P.A Akinduti
E.A Kperegbeyi


This study determined the microbiological and some physical quantities and effect of the two different water sources used for meat processing at the Lafenwa abattoir, Abeokuta, Nigeria. Water sources identified are the Lafenwa river and Tap water supply. A total of 33 samples were collected and analyzed. The total viable of bacteria count ( TVC) of the samples was determined by pour plate technique while the most probable number (MPN) of coliform count was by the multiple tube method. The mean TVC for the two spots on the river is 3.34x107 cfu/ml and the mean MPN is 1600 /100ml. For the tap water, the mean TVC and MPN were 1.56x107 cfu/ml and 890 /100ml respectively. The TVC values were significantly higher (p<0.01) for river samples when compared to that of tap water. There was no significant difference in the MPN/100ml values for SpotB of the river and tap samples (p>0.05). Potentially pathogenic Bacteria isolated from the water samples include: Eschericia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, and Klebsiella spp. The water samples from the river appeared creamy, highly turbid, particulate with pungent odour. The mean pH, temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO) and Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) values were 5.4, 28.8oC, 8.1 mg/l and 7.0 mg/l respectively. The tap water samples were clear, odourless, and colorless with mean pH, temperature, DO and BOD values of 6.8, 28.1oC, 15.3mg/l and 3.1mg/l respectively. There was significant differences in the DO and BOD values of river samples compared to tap water (p<0.01) This study revealed that the two available water sources to the abattoir investigated had qualities below the recommended WHO standard for drinking water hence not safe for meat processing. It is however recommended that the use of the Lafenwa river should be discouraged by proper enlightenment programmes for the butchers and provision of adequate supply of safe water for meat processing. In addition treatment facilities for water before use should be made available at the various abattoirs in the country.

Keywords: Microbial, Physical, Water qualities, Abattoir, Hygiene.