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Performance of maize (<i>Zea mays</i> l.) in crude oil treatment

K Okonwu
J.O Amakiri
M.M Etukudo
S.E Osim
A.A.J Mofunanya


The performance of maize (Zea mays) in crude oil treatment was investigated at the University of Port Harcourt botanical garden. Germination and growth responses of Z. mays were examined using various crude oil pollution treatments. There was no significant difference in the germination and development of Z. mays subjected to oiling at 1-3% compared to those of the control (0%), while 4-5% oiling showed a significant difference at P=0.05. Percentage germination decreased with increase in concentration of crude oil equilibrated with water. Germination rate decreased significantly with increased time of pre-soaking in crude oil. Crude oil spilled soil immediately after planting, increased the length of lag phase preceding germination from 48 hours to 96 hours and decreased percentage germination from 100% in the control to 58% in crude oil contaminated soil. This study shows that crude oil pollution has adverse effects on germination and development of Z. mays

KEY WORDS: Performance, crude oil treatment, germination and development, maize (Zea mays)