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Iodometric determination of the ascorbic acid (Vitamin c) content of some fruits consumed in a university community in Nigeria

CJ Ikewuchi
CC Ikewuchi


The ascorbic acid content of seven different fruits –grapefruit, lime, orange, tangerine, banana, pawpaw and pineapple was determined by iodine titration, in order to know which fruit would best supply the ascorbic acid need for
the body. Results showed that tangerine had the highest value of ascorbic acid, 98.851mg/100mL followed by pawpaw, 90.041mg/100g, orange, 75.000mg/100mL, grape, 70.345mg/100mL, lime, 44.138mg/100mL and banana 17.356mg/100g, with pineapple having the least value of 14.036mg/100g. It therefore follows that tangerine would supply more ascorbic acid per serving, for body need compared to the other six fruits. In fact, the percent daily value (%DV) of ascorbic acid in tangerine is more than twice that of lime, and more than seven times that of pineapple.

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