Design and fabrication of a wind turbine blade

  • GN Laryea
  • EN Kotey


A wind turbine blade design had been studied and fabricated at the CSIR-Institute of Industrial Research, Accra. Earlier turbine blades were manufactured from seasoned wood. The designed blade reported in the study was fabricated from fiberglass and epoxy resin compositions using wood for the mould pattern. The design is of the three-blade type for wind turbines which can be made from simple objects such as barrels. Dimensions and weights were measured to determine the possibilities of its performance. Factors that affect the spinning of the blade include the weight, blade count and its aerodynamic features. The new blades are assumed to be more reliable and efficient than wholly wood design. The calculated wind speed and power density at hub height of 12 m were 4.5 ms-1 and 149 W, respectively. The difference in the blade masses were reduced in the range between 39.2 and 52.6 per cent.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0855-1448