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Assessment of Levels of Occupational Exposure to Extremely Low Frequency Electric and Magnetic Fields in a Data Centre in Greater Accra Region - Ghana.

J. Kalognia, J. J. Fletcher, J. Amoako, A. Sawyerr


The Electric and Magnetic fields for workers in a data centre in the Greater Accra Region was assessed. The fundamental objective was to determine the levels of the electric and magnetic fields and to assess the extent of exposure of workers in the data centre to these fields. The results for the electric field intensities in the data centre ranged from 6.03E-03 ± 7.54E-04 kVm-1 to 2.33E-04 ± 8.82E-05 kVm-1. The results obtained for the magnetic flux density ranged from 3.9E-07 ± 8.77E-03 μT to 7.27E-08 ± 7.31E-03 μT. The results obtained for the induced current density ranged from 2.37E-06 ± 1.50E-02 mA/m2 to 2.46E-07 ± 9.99E-03 mA/m2. Data obtained were below the basic restrictions for induced current density and reference levels for electric field and magnetic flux density set by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection.
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