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Phytochemical, Proximate and Mineral Analyses of the Leaves of Bambusa Vulgaris L. and Artocarpus Altilis L

M. J. Ayeni, S. D. Oyeyemi, J. Kayode, A. I. Abanikanda


The need to boost livestock production in Nigeria calls for a provision of feed that is adequate in both quality and quantity as well as accessible to animals all year round. The quest to assess and exploit plants for their potentials in feeding livestock animals all year round necessitated this study. The phytochemical and nutritional composition of the leaves of Bambusa vulgaris and Artocarpus altilis were assayed. Phytochemical screening of the two plant leaves revealed the presence of alkaloids, saponins, flavonoids and tannins. Terpenoids and steroids were absent in the two plants. Further phytochemical quantifications revealed B. vulgaris and A. altilis leaves contained alkaloids (10.64% and 14.80%), saponins (2.33 and 3.90%), flavonoids (4.60 and 3.70%), tannins (0.67 and 1.89 mg/100 g) and phenol (0.23 and 1.89 mg/100 g) respectively. The proximate analyses revealed low moisture content (12.27% and 14.88%), crude protein (2.84 and 2.15%), moderate crude fat (6.00 and 6.91%) and high crude fiber (16.96 and 9.96%), ash (11.82 and 15.92%) and carbohydrate (50.12 and 50.19%) respectively. The leaves were equally rich in Ca, K, P, Mg with low Na. Similarly, the results show that leaves of the two plants investigated could provide dietary and medicinal needs of livestock.
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