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Factors Influencing Customer Decision-Making In Choosing E-Cab Services Over Traditional Taxis In Calabar Metropolis

Bassey B J
Ochiche C A
Odu P K
Ekong E E


This research study aims to investigate the factors influencing customer choices between e-cab services and traditional taxis in Calabar, focusing on service quality, operational efficiency, pricing strategies, and customer incentives. Addressing gaps in existing literature, the study explores the unique preferences and decision-making criteria of customers in the Calabar metropolis when selecting transportation services. Employing a cross-sectional, descriptive design, the research utilized a structured questionnaire to collect data from 463 adults who have used both e-cab and traditional taxi services. The questionnaire was developed by the researchers, validated by experts and trial-tested for reliability purposes. The reliability coefficient was estimated at .93 using the Cronbach alpha reliability estimate. Collected data were subjected to analysis using descriptive statistics, relative important index, independent t-test and analysis of variance.  The analysis revealed that the key factors influencing customer choices in Calabar between e-cab services and traditional taxis include convenience, cleanliness, ride comfort, safety, and cost-related incentives; Customer demographics such as age, gender, and income level did not significantly influence preferences between e-cabs and taxis in Calabar and that service speed, reliability, and competitive pricing strategies play a crucial role in customer decision-making. Recommendations include prioritizing service quality, implementing competitive pricing strategies, and focusing on service speed and reliability to enhance customer satisfaction and retention.



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eISSN: 2992-4472
print ISSN: 1596-6216