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Strangulated Inguinal Hernia in Adult Males in Kumasi

M Ohene-Yeboah
CK Dally


Background: The complications of untreated inguinal hernias are common surgical emergencies in adult Ghanaian men.
Objective: To describe the epidemiology of strangulated inguinal hernia in adult males in Kumasi.
Method: From the hospital records the age and sex of all male adult patients treated for strangulated inguinal hernia were recorded at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital(KATH), the University Hospital (UH), the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital (SDAH) and the Kumasi South Hospital (KSH) for the period January 2007 to December 2011  inclusive. The total number of inguinal hernia repairs from all four facilities was also recorded. The annual incidence of strangulated inguinal hernia and the hernia repair rates were estimated using the 2010 population data.
Results: Five-hundred and ninety-two cases of strangulated inguinal hernia were treated over the five years. The incidence of strangulated inguinal hernia was 0.26%. A total of 2243 inguinal hernia repairs were performed and 26.4 % of these repairs were for strangulation. The total number of inguinal hernia repairs averaged 77.3 repairs per 100 000 adult males per year and the elective repair rate was low at 0.9%.
Conclusion: There is the need to increase the levels of elective repair of inguinal hernia in Kumasi.

Keywords: Strangulated inguinal hernia: incidence: inguinal hernia repair rates: adults: Kumasi.